What a difference a year can make

Not even a year! Since April, so much has changed and in the best way possible. Jason and I welcomed a wonderful baby boy in January, and life hasn’t been the same since. Really, life hasn’t been the same since finding out I was pregnant last May. All this after being told we had super low chances of ever conceiving on our own.

The past few months have been indescribable. Like really, how do you put into words the amount of exhaustion, happiness, laundry, and poop that happens in such a short amount of time. We’re in a place of finding new footing around here, and slowly it’s all starting to come together. Each day we adapt a little bit more to our new life as parents, and have figured out how to get to sleep before 4:00 a.m. (win!). New routines are forming, which has tremendously helped the transition into parenthood.

Our little boy is growing so fast. I had no idea how quickly he would grow and change! I’m loving every second with him. And while I never realized how fast a newborn would grown and change in just a few short weeks, I really had no clue how the same would also happen to me at the same time – My love for him has continued to grown each day.

Momming can be tough, but is so rewarding and I love it. We feel so whole now that we have him in our lives.


Creed Bratton at Jammin Java

Today is a rather rainy, overcast day in Northern, Va. But i’d rather have rain during the week than the weekend. We actually have some fun plans in the works and the rain could wash them out completely. Fingers crossed the weather cooperates!

Jammin Java Date Night

Yesterday evening Jason and I headed to Jammin Java for a Creed Bratton music and comedy show. We are huge “The Office” fans, and Jason loves the characters Dwight and Creed, so he jumped at the chance a few months ago to buy tickets to the show. He actually got to meet Rainn Wilson (Dwight) a few months ago at his book signing in NYC!


Jammin Java is a bar/cafe in Vienna, Va. and they have performances every night of the week. The atmosphere was super relaxed, and they had a great selection of food and drink. I sipped on a white russian and we shared a bavarian pretzel, fully equipped with beer cheese and something delicious called tiger sauce.

IMG_2515 2


The show kicked off with a performance by Andrew Tufano, an up and coming singer/songwriter from Nashville. He was fantastic, and definitely got everyone into the right mood for the evening. He pressed us so much that we bought his CD at the end of the show, and are making plans to see him again in the next few months.


The next performance was a comedy act by a local comedian. He had us laughing through his entire segment, and seemed like such a natural. I forgot to snap any pictures during his time on stage, but that just shows how focused I was on all the laughing, right?

During intermission Jason and I were chatting about the show, and before we knew it Creed himself had walked on stage and was waving to the crowd. He looked way younger than I expected and it took me a few seconds to realize it was him. He got the show started right away by breaking into song. But in Creed fashion, he abruptly stopped, introduced himself and then picked back up right where he left off.


Creed performed a number of songs from his Grassroots days, did a lot of throw back dialogue to The Office, and graced us with a nostalgic tune incorporating all of the office casts names. He put on a great performance and overall seemed humble. Such a fun night!

It was super late by the time we got home (like after midnight), so I went straight to bed while Jason took Robelee for a quick walk. Now off to start an office watching marathon!





Hawaii Wedding Part III – Our Vows

**If you missed the first two posts about our wedding, you can find the first one here and the second one here. Part III is a long one, so thank you if you actually make it through the entire post. All photo credit up until the dinner portion of this post goes to our wonderful wedding photographer, Mariah Milan.


Jason and I are a very non traditional couple. We wanted to have a small wedding that focused on us and did not revolve around trying to make a ton of guests happy. The decision to have our wedding in Hawaii came after we visited Charleston, SC to scope out venues. We loved Charleston and could imagine having our dream wedding in this beautiful city. However, before we even booked anything, the costs were adding up rather quickly (via quotes from vendors, and the venue fee). Since we were paying for everything ourselves, we decided it was just too much to put towards a 4-5 hour event.

So the search began for more intimate “elopement” wedding packages. We didn’t want our wedding to feel cheap or thrown together, and got these vibes from many of the places/packages we researched. Yes we were trying to save money, but no, we were not going to completely skimp on something that was so important to us.


The search was frustrating, so I resorted to google for “elopement wedding” inspiration. Thats when I came across Megan Fox’s wedding pictures from Hawaii and decided to look into the cost of such a wedding. I actually looked into the exact resort, The Four Seasons, and was surprised at how affordable it was (but still out of our budget). It was kind of a silly idea I tossed at Jason, fully knowing how unrealistic it would it would be, and how fast it would be turned down.

To my surprise he was on board. His immediate excitement threw me for a loop. I hand’t bothered letting myself imagine it ever being a realistic option! When I told him, it was done in frustration at the end of the night when I was exhausted from trying to figure out what we should do. I flopped on the bed while he was getting changed from work and said “I just want to get married on a cliff in Hawaii”. Never could I imagine his next words would be “Okay, lets do it. Let’s look into it and see we can do this”. And so that’s what we did. We planned our wedding completely by phone and email!

Mauis Angels Weddings took care of everything! I cannot say enough good things about this company, and the friendly people that work there. Jason and I felt so relaxed during the planning process, and found it so easy from start to finish. They were the coordinator for the wedding, and all vendors for our day. The only thing Jason and I planned outside of them was our dinner because we wanted to do a private event through a hotel, but more on that below.

Our Wedding Day

Jason and I woke up bright and early on the day of our wedding and went out for breakfast almost before the sun rose. We planned to spend the day together until around 2:30 p.m. when my mom and sister would arrive to help me get ready.  We relaxed, talked, and then grabbed a quick bite to eat at Dukes before it was time for Jason to get ready. He headed to his moms hotel so we could get ready in private, and spend time with family before the ceremony. My mom and sister arrived right before my hair and makeup artist knocked on the door, and from this point the day progressed so fast!


I gave both mine and Jason’s mom a handkerchief embroidered with a special sentiment, plus included a hand written letter for my mom that I gave her when she got to our room. We chatted throughout the entire time my hair and makeup was being done, and before I knew it the photographer had arrived.

I felt that the arrival of our photographer is when everything started to feel a bit more real. I knew it was my wedding day, but up until this point I didn’t have that “this is it” moment. It was around this time that I started to think about how crazy it was that the day had finally arrived. After 14 months of being engaged and planning, the day we were waiting for had arrived. I was getting married!


After the photographer finished the before photos we headed to the car so we could drive to our ceremony site, Ironwoods Beach. While waiting in the lobby for the car to be pulled up I received so many kind words from passerby’s, which amplified my excitement even more. It suddenly felt so unbelievable that this was my wedding day. I was having those “holly crap this is happening” excited feelings that had sorta been missing the rest of the day. Of course I was excited to marry Jason, but being in my gown, at our ceremony site, really sparked a new anticipation that felt great.

We arrived at the beach just before 6:00 p.m. and while everyone else took their places I stayed back so Jason and I could have our first look.



We were able to walk together down the path that led to the stairs that would take us to the beach where we were to be married. Once we were there, Jason headed down the stairs to take his place while I waited for the signal (the blowing of the conch) to start my walk towards my husband-to-be. During my walk, our musician played the ukulele while singing our wedding song “Over the Rainbow”.


Our vows lasted about 15 minutes, after which we signed our marriage license. This was also the time when we hugged everyone before they headed off to wait for us at our dinner location. We only had four guests, so we opted for a private dinner at the Westin. But first we had to finish up our photography session!


We could not have been more happy with Mariah Milan. She was so kind and had tons of ideas for photo poses, which we loved because we’ve never been photographed before.

After our session ended we headed to our car so we could make our way to dinner at the Westin Maui Resort & Spa. 


When we were planning our wedding, the one thing we knew we didn’t want to sacrifice was a special dinner afterwards that would be private and memorable. We found a few places on the west side of the island that offered private options, and ultimately decided the Westin met all of our needs. We sent them our menu selections ahead of time, and were able to order drinks from the menu when we arrived.

Our table was set up outdoors and surrounded by tiki torches. They added a bit of decor to the table, and had a separate table set up for our cake. The dinner was managed by a private waiter that took care of everything we needed from start to finish.

Each course was brought out one at a time, with plenty of time in between for us to feel relaxed and not rushed. We enjoyed every second together, and chatted away throughout the entire dinner.

Towards the end we cut the cake, which was one of the traditional wedding events that I really wanted to incorporate in the day.

We loved our “reception”. I’m so glad we stuck with our decision to have a small wedding in Hawaii with just a few guests. We were told by so many people who had traditional large weddings that they: didn’t even get to spend much time with their spouse, didn’t get to eat, felt rushed the entire time, etc. We both loved being able to focus on each other and enjoy all the little moments throughout the day.

A Little Catch Up

It’s been awhile. I’ve wanted to get back to blogging so many times, but just haven’t had anything to write about. There were multiple posts that I started, but just kinda felt blah about them once I started writing. Maybe it was the winter zapping my energy, changing jobs, planning a wedding, or just plain ole writers block. But today I felt a renewed desire to blog again, so I figured I’d keep it quick with a recap post.

1. Robelee is 10 months old and is officially a “teenager” in doggie years. He’s a sweet, clumsy, dopey boy, and we love him. But the phase of his selective deafness, and jumping on the furniture when he knows he’s not supposed to will surely not be missed. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

2. Our wedding is right around the corner. After getting engaged last March, I was worried that the time would drag by, but it has been the complete opposite. I really want to make sure to cherish these last few weeks being Jason’s “finance”. I know a title change isn’t that big of a deal to a lot of people, but i’ve always felt it important to enjoy each chapter of our relationship from just dating, to becoming boyfriend and girlfriend, finance’s, and soon to be husband and wife! The last nearly five years have been special. Full of ups and downs, milestones, and changes. Having each other has been a consistency that I have become dependent on. I’m so excited to become his wife and call him my husband. Dress

3. Meal planning has fallen to the wayside around here. I’m hoping to change that now that more items are coming back into season. I love when the prices of our favorite produces drops during the spring/summer months. Strawberries and blueberries are staples in our house.

4. Baked goods seem to always be in full force. Everything in moderation.



4. Speaking of baked goods. Jason and I decided we would have Easter cupcakes this year and skip the candy.  Sweet Reasons has been our new favorite for awhile and I had a “buy three get three” coupon, so we couldn’t resist. I think we may have just started a new tradition. IMG_2302

4. I’ve been taking advantage of the free gym at work and have stuck to a routine for the past few months now. I was doing Purre Barre for a while and loved the way it toned my muscles, but unfortunately the location wasn’t convenient so I needed to switch things up.

5.  Hello Smart Water. Jason and I both love this stuff and even though it’s just water, it tastes different and more refreshing than any other brand we’ve tried. Man, I wish they sold it by the gallon.

6. Netflix. Vampire Diaries and Hawaii Five-O have turned me into a binge watcher. 


I think that’s where I’ll leave it this time!

Robelee – Our Shiloh Shepherd

I thought it may be time to introduce Robelee, our Shiloh Shepherd, since I briefly mentioned him in my last post. Trying to sum him up is a task! He’s got energy out the wazoo, and no two days are the same.  Oh, and if there’s a sock in the room, he will surely find it.

Lets start with the basics though, okay?

Size: Robelee will be a BIG dog when he is full grown. He’s already around 60 pounds, and he hasn’t even reached 5 months yet. We expect him to top out at about 100 pounds.

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 9.03.09 PM

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 9.01.29 PM

Obedience: Since he’s going to be already a big boy, we started training immediately. It’s been a long process, and he’s still learning… remember, he looks big, but he’s really just a little pup still. He quickly learned, sit, stay, come, and lay down. But, were still working on “leave it” and “drop it”… especially when it comes to socks.We’re looking forward to enrolling him in the second level training course at Petsmart.

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 9.03.26 PM

HouseBreaking: He’s already housebroken, woohoo! The bigger the dog, the bigger the puddle, so this was a major task to accomplish early on. We took him out every 30 minutes for the first few weeks. Luckily, he never had to go in the middle of the night, but Jason would take him out super early in the morning just in case. The most important potty times were right after eating, sleeping, playing, or coming out of his crate. After he got the hang of what we expected, we relaxed on the frequency of his outings. We also make him sit by the door every time we go outside, so he eventually learned to do this as a way of “asking” to go potty. I’m happy to say our paper towel budget has gone back to normal:)

Food: We kept Robelee on Royal Canin, because that’s what he was started on with the breeders.  We don’t see the need in switching up something he does we’ll with and seems to enjoy. However, we will most likely transition to Blue Buffalo when it comes time to start him on adult food. Jason and I love everything Blue Buffalo has to offer, and feel we can trust the quality of their products. Robelee can’t get enough of his Blue Buffalo treats, which we buy in a multitude of varieties (I think he favors the duck flavors though). He eats about 6 cups of kibble spaced throughout three meals each day. I also make homemade wet food using my Vitamix.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 10.55.38 AM

Personality: Like any dog, Shiloh Shepherds need to be socialized from a very early age, especially since the fall into the herding group, and have a natural instinct to protect their family. Robelee was a social butterfly from day one, and he continues to soak up every bit of attention that comes his way. We try to expose him to as many different environments, people, and sounds as possible, and take him with us as often as possible when we leave the house. We even took him out on Halloween, but he didn’t even notice anything was different. He is a goof more times than not, but is also a very quick learner… I think it’s a good balance.

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 9.02.39 PM

He’s just so curious.

Grooming: Shiloh Shepherds= SHEDDING. That’s just a fact of life if you own one of these dogs. Rebel has a plush coat, so his fur will be long and require a lot of brushing to prevent matts. It’s a habit I started early on to cut down on all the fur left on our floor. I also invested in the Fulminator, but so far he doesn’t love it:(

Activity: This has fluctuated from the day we brought him home. Sometimes he just wants to lay down and sleep for hours, but then other times you’d think he’s running from a fire. The little guy just has a lot of energy spurts, and it drives us nuts! When we try to play with him, he usually wants nothing to do with us. It’s when we’re in the middle of making breakfast, or right after we sit down to relax for the night that he decides he’s going to unleash the Energizer Bunny from within. Point is – he’s got lots of energy right now. But he should mellow out a bit as he gets older, then a daily walk and play session should keep him balanced.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 10.56.58 AM

I think that about covers it. Robelee has definitely added a new element of responsibility to our lives that we were ready to take on (not those first few weeks though, those were terrible), and he sure has keep us on our feet!

Three Month Hiatus

Oops:( I never meant to stop blogging for three whole months, but it just happened. Days turned into weeks, which then turned into months. The desire was there, but the motivation and energy was lost. Things have been busy around here and lots has changed, so when I had time to myself I just didn’t want to sit in front of the computer and write. Nor could I think of anything fun or interesting to write about. But alas, I pulled myself out of the funk and am ready to hit the ground running typing again.

Lets catch up shall we?

1. My job was causing a lot of chaos in our lives and it was draining my energy mentally. But now I found a new job, and I start tomorrow. I’m actually really nervous about this new position, not only because it’s a new company and I’ll be starting over again, but because I don’t quite know what to expect yet… Will this be worse than my old job? What if i’m awful at it? Did I just make a huge career mistake? Only time will tell, so all I can do is take it one step at a time.

2. We got a puppy!!! His name is Robelee and he is a Shiloh Shepherd. Jason and I (after lots of talking and thinking) decided we had healed enough from losing Franklin earlier this year to welcome another dog into our home. Robelee can be a little gremlin sometimes, and a goofball other times, but we love him and enjoy spending as much time with him as possible.

Robelee II-0621

Robelee III-0717

3. Remember back in April when I wrote about my engagement and then never mentioned it again? Well, thats because we were completely lost trying to figure out what to do for our wedding. Weddings are expensive, and were paying for everything out of our own pocket… no help from family. Which is totally fine.  But, since were paying for everything ourselves, it was really wearing on us when family members were angry over every wedding decision we were making. Now i’m very happy with our decision to elope to Hawaii this May:) Like, super crazy excited!


That’s about it, all wrapped up in less than 400 words. I’m going to definitely try to make my blog more of a priority. I love it and blogging is something I enjoy.

Summer TV Addict

Jason has a huge obsession with Panera Bread’s Corn and Potato Chowder. He was really excited this weekend to see it has made it’s return for the summer, and I was excited when I found out it was vegetarian! We both ordered a bowl and ate every bite. The flavor was different than expected, but still super good:) I paired it with the Tomato and Mozzarella panini, which is an odd match, but it’s my favorite sandwich from Panera.

photo 2

As usual, I forgot to snap a picture of our Panera outing… so this filler pic will just have to do.

I’m a big fan of chowder, so it’s usually what I default to making when I whip out the crock pot. After our trip to Panera, Jason was left craving it again, so he requested I make a batch of my own Corn and Potato Chowder to eat throughout the week. You may remember my disastrous experience making this last year… we’ll I loosely followed the same recipe, minus the snafus, and added a bag of peas for a little extra color. I also limited the whipping cream to make it a bit more light and soupy.


Summer TV Addict

Now that all the shows I regularly watch have gone into hiatus, I’ve started unintentionally watching a ton of reality TV shows. I’m usually not a reality tv fan AT ALL, but i’ve been getting sucked in big time! We also got rid of our cable a while back, so the pickings are even more slim.

The other night, I discovered “Married at First Sight” and let me tell you, I’ve never been so captivated by the first episode of a show…ever. The premise is to match couples based on expert calculations of each individuals wants/needs/personalities, etc. Interesting right??? The idea of marrying someone you never met sounds bizarre, and getting to watch it play out on TV will be so interesting. I’m really curious if the “experiment” will work, and I’m really pulling for the couples. I just can’t imagine the nerves they must have had while walking towards a complete stranger, knowing they would be marrying them just a few minutes later.

The other shows i’ve been addicted to lately are: The Bachelorette, and the complete failure “I Wanna Marry Harry” which was painful to watch, but so ridiculous I just couldn’t turn the channel. This show was cancelled after just a few episodes, but the remained were tossed onto Hulu, so i’ve luckily already finished watching. The Bachelorette however, has one more episode to go and since Nick seems like such a creeper, I’m rooting for Josh.


Q&A: Do you have a favorite reality TV show?

DC Cupcake Debate

For some reason WordPress isn’t letting me upload pictures, so this is coming at you really late. It was another great weekend here in Virginia. Were really getting lucky with this awesome weekend weather we’ve been having lately. Jason and I caught up with his friend Mike on Saturday and it wasn’t long before we got into a ‘cupcake debate’. I’m sure it’s obvious from some of my other posts that I love cupcakes. So, it wasn’t long before we were headed to D.C. to settle the score! Jason has sworn by “Baked and Wired” ever since we first tried them a few years ago, while I’ve always been a “Red Velvet Cupcakery” and “Sprinkles” fan. Mike was elected to be the tie breaker since he’s new to the D.C. cupcake scene.

DC Cupcake-2304

So who won??? It was inconclusive, I think our tie breaker just didn’t want to pick a side. But my absolute favorite cupcake in the Northern Virginia/DC area is Red Velvet Cupcakery. They just have the perfect cake to frosting ratio and are always full of delicious flavor. Sprinkles would be a close second. I feel like their cupcakes are heavy and dense (in the best way) compared to others, and are super tasty and moist.

DC Cupcake-5246

We had a pretty fabulous time enjoying our cupcakes by the Washington Monument before embarking on a 4 mile walk to burn off all that frosting. Along the way we made stops at the Washington Monument and WWII Memorial. But, my favorite stop of the night was the Lincoln Memorial. It’s always been my favorite spot in DC. The view from atop the steps and being able to see so many of DC’s important landmarks and monuments just can’t be beat. I wish I had remembered to snap a quick photo of it but I completely forgot:(

Inside the Lincoln Memorial

Inside the Lincoln Memorial

We decided to extend our walk just a little more and stop by the White House. I don’t think Mike had ever been to many of the places we visited so it was a great opportunity for him to really experience DC.

DSC00067 There’s so much to see and do in Washington DC, and living so close it’s easy to take it all for granted. So it’s nice to take the time every once and awhile to really enjoy it… and a cupcake.


A NYC Engagement

It sure took me long enough to get this post up, but I am ENGAGED!

photo 2

A few weeks ago Jason took me to NYC to “get out of the house”. Since NYC is one of my favorite places to visit, I was completely on board. As soon as we arrived I was itching to get my hands on a few of my favorite cupcakes at “Baked By Melissa”.

photo 3

After we bought 50 of these little guys, we walked to Central Park where we spent probably 20 minutes just looking for a quite place to sit and eat. I will admit, I had my suspicions this was going to be the weekend Jason proposed, but after downing a handful of cupcakes and stopping at numerous places in the park… my anticipation began to dwindle. I was slowly becoming more and more certain that I had over analyzed Jason’s enthusiasm for the purpose of this weekend.

I was getting antsy to leave the park and hit more of our favorite NYC spots when we took one last stroll down one of the paths that led onto a rock overlooking the park. While I was busy taking pictures, Jason got down on one knee and ‘finally’ asked me to marry him. What a relief. We were of course happy and excited to finally be Fiancés, but boy were we also relieved… I was on the verge of getting frustrated that he wouldn’t let us leave the park and he was making himself sick trying to find the perfect spot to propose. We’ve discussed marriage plenty of times before, so we both knew it would happen eventually. But, it still felt so surreal after the fact… kinda like, wow it really happened!

After we left the park we walked around a bit more before heading back to the hotel room to call our families and take a few really blurry “were engaged” photos.


This is actually one of the best pictures of us from the weekend. We rock at taking blurry iPhone photos:)

Some habits can’t be broken, so we made a quick detour through Times Square, then grabbed a piping hot slice of pizza when we worked walked up an appetite. We also got a few peaks of the Empire State Building.

NYC Engagement-01672

We spent the rest of the day walking around the city just enjoying being together in this new chapter of our relationship. We both agreed we didn’t have anything special on our minds to do until it was time for dinner. Another “must” for us when in NYC is dinner at Stix Mediterranean Grill. We absolutely love this place and the food has never disappointed. We always order the cheese spread with Pita bread, and the Greek Fries which are just too fabulous for words. I think they cook the fries in olive oil which gives them a slightly different (but amazing) flavor and texture.

The next morning we packed our bags and headed over to Levain Bakery for a few GIGANTIC cookies. I love the Chocolate Peanut Butter, while Jason prefers the Chocolate Chocolate variety. Levain was a great way to wrap up our engagement weekend before the 5 hour ride home.

photo 5 photo 4

Now we’ve got to start planning the wedding!

A Few of My Favorite Things

WooHoo! Daylight savings time has finally arrived and I am loving all the extra sunlight. I’ve gotta admit, the hour change has had me kinda sleepy these last few days, but I’m finally adjusting.

Along with Daylight Savings this weekend, we had fantastic (kinda warmish) weather to tote around in. It was great not having to bundle up in so many layers just to walk out the door, so we took advantage and spent most of Saturday hanging around town.


enter blurry camera phone pic.

When dinner rolled around we decided to head over to Bahama Breeze for a bit of island style deliciousness. This is our #1 restaurant to visit when were are at Jason’s Moms house in PA. So when a location opened up  in Woodbridge, Virginia we were kinda excited. The hour long wait proved everyone else had the same idea!

My Favorite Things

I’ve been planning this post for we’ll over a month now, but procrastination got the best of me. Everything on this list has become my go to favorite in one way or the other, and I couldn’t wait to share.

1. MetroMint Water: I found this water at Whole Foods a few weeks ago and was instantly hooked.  The energizing aroma and ‘spot on’ chocolate mint flavor can satisfy my sweet tooth just as easily as the real thing. My Amazon order just arrived today – gotta love Prime membership:)


2. Ezekiel Bread: I can’t even tell you how many times i’ve seen Ezekiel bread pictured on other blogs and never gave it a second look. I had also passed it in the freezer section of Wegmans over and over before deciding to fork out $3.99 for a loaf of the cinnamon raison …. then I went back for more. This stuff is delicious. My favorite is 7 Sprouted Grains.

3. Reusable Water Bottles: For someone who drinks a ton of water, reusable water bottles have really helped reduce the amount of plastic I use. I try to drink 60 ounces of water at minimum each day, so having a water bottle with me that I can refill really helps to keep me on track. I absolutely love my Tervis cups, especially since they’re good for both hot and cold drinks and never get condensation on the outside. Takeya has become another of my favorite brands for holding both water and fresh juice. They’re made of glass which prevents tastes and odors from fusing to the inside.


4. Estee Lauder Day Wear: I started using this moisturizer about a month ago and could tell within just a few days that it was working it’s magic. I noticed my skin was getting dry spots this winter and my makeup started to look like it was applied with sand paper. My skin is super sensitive so I did a lot of research before jumping into the purchase, but so far so good. Day Wear gives my skin a dose of hydration that feels super soft and rejuvenated from all the harsh weather we’ve had this season.

5. Nike Free 5.0: I just bought these last weekend when I decided I wanted a comfy pair of running shoes that I could also run errands in. I was looking for something flexible, light weight, and cute, and I found all of that in these shoes. I love how free my feet feel in them and the color drew me right in.


6. Clinique Chubby Sticks: Finally, a lip color that doesn’t look like i’m a child that got into my moms makeup cabinet. I really don’t like harsh or bold colors, so when I stumbled across Chubby Sticks I was in love. I have two colors: Chunky Cherry, and Curvy Candy. Both have a sheerness that gives me just the right amount of pop that i’ve always been looking for in a lip color. Plus, they’re moisturizing – win win!

Now i’m off to maybe do some laundry and get in a little reading before it get’s too late tonight. I just started reading City of Ashes, the second installment in the Immortal Instruments series. Loved the first one, but they are looong.  Have a good tight!!!