Meet Megan

Hey There,

YoungFabLife is all about sharing my (work in progress) healthy living lifestyle, recipes, reviews, and day to day happenings. I’m really excited you visited my blog! So here’s a bit more about me:

I’m Megan, a 20 something penny pinching shop-a-holic (do those two things really ever go well together?). After a chilly two and a half years in Idaho, I moved back East and somehow ended up in the suburbs of Washington DC. Jump ahead three years and here I am living everyday with my best (boyfriend) friend, and maneuvering my way through this thing called adulthood.

I started working in the corporate world when I moved back to the East Coast, but have never really figured out what my “true calling” is. I just don’t think i’m my true calling and desire is to sit behind a desk my whole life. I grew up always wanting to be an actress, or do something in the TV world. But by not taking the risk to go after the dream and having a bit of a shy personality, I think it will forever be a pipe dream. I’m still working on figuring out what my true calling is, and I know someday I will figure it out and work towards doing it. In the mean time, trying to stay on a healthy track has become a priority that had slipped to the bottom of my priority list for a while.

About a year and a half ago, after moving further away from the city, my diet and exercise habits consisted of junk food and minimal walking. Before the move, I was very active and in decent shape. Suddenly, I wasn’t making the time to workout anymore because I was too tired after getting home. I was feeling sluggish and noticed I outgrew my favorite jeans. I also realized I had developed an addiction to chocolate bars and sugary snacks. It wasn’t uncommon for me to eat a leftover chocolate bar on my way to work in lieu of a real breakfast. It was time for an overhaul. I realized I was tired and sluggish because I was so out of shape, and I needed to make time to be active.

Eating clean is really important to me, but at times can be a huge challenge, especially on the weekends and when eating out. I love cooking, especially baking. Working a full time job, which has nearly a two hour commute each way, and going to school part time takes up a lot of my time, so a home cooked meal isn’t always possible. I try to find other simple ways to stick to a nutritious diet, and I hope to share all about it. Getting fit is definitely an adventure and it is still a “work in progress”.

Life can get pretty hectic, so i’m really excited to have a place to document it all.

Thanks so much for visiting:)



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