Creed Bratton at Jammin Java

Today is a rather rainy, overcast day in Northern, Va. But i’d rather have rain during the week than the weekend. We actually have some fun plans in the works and the rain could wash them out completely. Fingers crossed the weather cooperates!

Jammin Java Date Night

Yesterday evening Jason and I headed to Jammin Java for a Creed Bratton music and comedy show. We are huge “The Office” fans, and Jason loves the characters Dwight and Creed, so he jumped at the chance a few months ago to buy tickets to the show. He actually got to meet Rainn Wilson (Dwight) a few months ago at his book signing in NYC!


Jammin Java is a bar/cafe in Vienna, Va. and they have performances every night of the week. The atmosphere was super relaxed, and they had a great selection of food and drink. I sipped on a white russian and we shared a bavarian pretzel, fully equipped with beer cheese and something delicious called tiger sauce.

IMG_2515 2


The show kicked off with a performance by Andrew Tufano, an up and coming singer/songwriter from Nashville. He was fantastic, and definitely got everyone into the right mood for the evening. He pressed us so much that we bought his CD at the end of the show, and are making plans to see him again in the next few months.


The next performance was a comedy act by a local comedian. He had us laughing through his entire segment, and seemed like such a natural. I forgot to snap any pictures during his time on stage, but that just shows how focused I was on all the laughing, right?

During intermission Jason and I were chatting about the show, and before we knew it Creed himself had walked on stage and was waving to the crowd. He looked way younger than I expected and it took me a few seconds to realize it was him. He got the show started right away by breaking into song. But in Creed fashion, he abruptly stopped, introduced himself and then picked back up right where he left off.


Creed performed a number of songs from his Grassroots days, did a lot of throw back dialogue to The Office, and graced us with a nostalgic tune incorporating all of the office casts names. He put on a great performance and overall seemed humble. Such a fun night!

It was super late by the time we got home (like after midnight), so I went straight to bed while Jason took Robelee for a quick walk. Now off to start an office watching marathon!






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