A Little Catch Up

It’s been awhile. I’ve wanted to get back to blogging so many times, but just haven’t had anything to write about. There were multiple posts that I started, but just kinda felt blah about them once I started writing. Maybe it was the winter zapping my energy, changing jobs, planning a wedding, or just plain ole writers block. But today I felt a renewed desire to blog again, so I figured I’d keep it quick with a recap post.

1. Robelee is 10 months old and is officially a “teenager” in doggie years. He’s a sweet, clumsy, dopey boy, and we love him. But the phase of his selective deafness, and jumping on the furniture when he knows he’s not supposed to will surely not be missed. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

2. Our wedding is right around the corner. After getting engaged last March, I was worried that the time would drag by, but it has been the complete opposite. I really want to make sure to cherish these last few weeks being Jason’s “finance”. I know a title change isn’t that big of a deal to a lot of people, but i’ve always felt it important to enjoy each chapter of our relationship from just dating, to becoming boyfriend and girlfriend, finance’s, and soon to be husband and wife! The last nearly five years have been special. Full of ups and downs, milestones, and changes. Having each other has been a consistency that I have become dependent on. I’m so excited to become his wife and call him my husband. Dress

3. Meal planning has fallen to the wayside around here. I’m hoping to change that now that more items are coming back into season. I love when the prices of our favorite produces drops during the spring/summer months. Strawberries and blueberries are staples in our house.

4. Baked goods seem to always be in full force. Everything in moderation.



4. Speaking of baked goods. Jason and I decided we would have Easter cupcakes this year and skip the candy.  Sweet Reasons has been our new favorite for awhile and I had a “buy three get three” coupon, so we couldn’t resist. I think we may have just started a new tradition. IMG_2302

4. I’ve been taking advantage of the free gym at work and have stuck to a routine for the past few months now. I was doing Purre Barre for a while and loved the way it toned my muscles, but unfortunately the location wasn’t convenient so I needed to switch things up.

5.  Hello Smart Water. Jason and I both love this stuff and even though it’s just water, it tastes different and more refreshing than any other brand we’ve tried. Man, I wish they sold it by the gallon.

6. Netflix. Vampire Diaries and Hawaii Five-O have turned me into a binge watcher. 


I think that’s where I’ll leave it this time!


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