Summer TV Addict

Jason has a huge obsession with Panera Bread’s Corn and Potato Chowder. He was really excited this weekend to see it has made it’s return for the summer, and I was excited when I found out it was vegetarian! We both ordered a bowl and ate every bite. The flavor was different than expected, but still super good:) I paired it with the Tomato and Mozzarella panini, which is an odd match, but it’s my favorite sandwich from Panera.

photo 2

As usual, I forgot to snap a picture of our Panera outing… so this filler pic will just have to do.

I’m a big fan of chowder, so it’s usually what I default to making when I whip out the crock pot. After our trip to Panera, Jason was left craving it again, so he requested I make a batch of my own Corn and Potato Chowder to eat throughout the week. You may remember my disastrous experience making this last year… we’ll I loosely followed the same recipe, minus the snafus, and added a bag of peas for a little extra color. I also limited the whipping cream to make it a bit more light and soupy.


Summer TV Addict

Now that all the shows I regularly watch have gone into hiatus, I’ve started unintentionally watching a ton of reality TV shows. I’m usually not a reality tv fan AT ALL, but i’ve been getting sucked in big time! We also got rid of our cable a while back, so the pickings are even more slim.

The other night, I discovered “Married at First Sight” and let me tell you, I’ve never been so captivated by the first episode of a show…ever. The premise is to match couples based on expert calculations of each individuals wants/needs/personalities, etc. Interesting right??? The idea of marrying someone you never met sounds bizarre, and getting to watch it play out on TV will be so interesting. I’m really curious if the “experiment” will work, and I’m really pulling for the couples. I just can’t imagine the nerves they must have had while walking towards a complete stranger, knowing they would be marrying them just a few minutes later.

The other shows i’ve been addicted to lately are: The Bachelorette, and the complete failure “I Wanna Marry Harry” which was painful to watch, but so ridiculous I just couldn’t turn the channel. This show was cancelled after just a few episodes, but the remained were tossed onto Hulu, so i’ve luckily already finished watching. The Bachelorette however, has one more episode to go and since Nick seems like such a creeper, I’m rooting for Josh.


Q&A: Do you have a favorite reality TV show?


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