DC Cupcake Debate

For some reason WordPress isn’t letting me upload pictures, so this is coming at you really late. It was another great weekend here in Virginia. Were really getting lucky with this awesome weekend weather we’ve been having lately. Jason and I caught up with his friend Mike on Saturday and it wasn’t long before we got into a ‘cupcake debate’. I’m sure it’s obvious from some of my other posts that I love cupcakes. So, it wasn’t long before we were headed to D.C. to settle the score! Jason has sworn by “Baked and Wired” ever since we first tried them a few years ago, while I’ve always been a “Red Velvet Cupcakery” and “Sprinkles” fan. Mike was elected to be the tie breaker since he’s new to the D.C. cupcake scene.

DC Cupcake-2304

So who won??? It was inconclusive, I think our tie breaker just didn’t want to pick a side. But my absolute favorite cupcake in the Northern Virginia/DC area is Red Velvet Cupcakery. They just have the perfect cake to frosting ratio and are always full of delicious flavor. Sprinkles would be a close second. I feel like their cupcakes are heavy and dense (in the best way) compared to others, and are super tasty and moist.

DC Cupcake-5246

We had a pretty fabulous time enjoying our cupcakes by the Washington Monument before embarking on a 4 mile walk to burn off all that frosting. Along the way we made stops at the Washington Monument and WWII Memorial. But, my favorite stop of the night was the Lincoln Memorial. It’s always been my favorite spot in DC. The view from atop the steps and being able to see so many of DC’s important landmarks and monuments just can’t be beat. I wish I had remembered to snap a quick photo of it but I completely forgot:(

Inside the Lincoln Memorial

Inside the Lincoln Memorial

We decided to extend our walk just a little more and stop by the White House. I don’t think Mike had ever been to many of the places we visited so it was a great opportunity for him to really experience DC.

DSC00067 There’s so much to see and do in Washington DC, and living so close it’s easy to take it all for granted. So it’s nice to take the time every once and awhile to really enjoy it… and a cupcake.



Biking Bristow Battlefield

I hope everyone had just as great a weekend as I did here in Virginia. We had perfect weather (i’m talking high 70’s kinda perfect) and took advantage of every second possible throughout the weekend. To keep it quick and simple, I figure i’d just give you a rundown of a few highlights.

photo 4

Hittin the road!

Without further ado:

1. Panera Bread: Jason and I had Panera not once but twice this weekend. When in doubt and looking for a quick meal, we always seem to end up here. I discovered my new favorite sandwich, the Tomato Mozarella panini. Delicous:)

2. Sweet Lobby: After hearing so much about Macarons lately,  I had to track some down and try them. Last weekend Jason and I stopped at Macaron Bee in D.C. and loved the flavors we tried. So I was sure the Sweet Lobby would also be a hit. We headed over on Saturday and grabbed a box of 6. Well, maybe we went on a bad day, but we ended up tossing half the box:( It’s all about experiences though, right?

photo 7


3. BJ’s Brewhouse: I’m slowly starting to realize our whole weekend revolved around food. But this place takes the cake, or should I say “Pizookie”, for best food all weekend! Read the desert menu and you’ll totally get that last pun;) Jason and I shared a small deep dish vegetarian pizza and annihilated the Pizookie trio that we shared for desert.

photo 5



4. Sephora: I wanted to make a pit stop at the mall so I could look for a new foundation and primer. I’ve been using BareMinerals for years, but lately i’ve been looking for something with a bit more coverage.  I tried Estee Lauder DoubleWear a few months ago and loved it… but my face didn’t. After just a few days my face was full on acne paradise. I knew Sephora would be the place to go since they give you samples of whatever you want before actually having to buy anything. I went home with two samples that I have high hopes for: Josie Maran “Matchmaker Serum” in Fair/Light, and Hourglass Veil Mineral primer (which feels like rubbing liquid silk all over your face)!

Bristow Battlefield Bike Ride

Since we had an all day food party on Saturday, Jason and I decided a Bike Ride should be on the agenda for Sunday. We loaded up the bikes around lunchtime and headed over to Bristow Battlefield in Bristow, Va. I haven’t been on a bike in a looong time, so the battlefield gave us nice easy ride. We encountered a little bit of everything on the trail: gravel, sand, small hills, bridges, and a few puddles to chug through. We had a lot of fun and I was glad to get in a mini workout while also spending quality time together.

Bristow Battlefield-9050

Bristow Battlefield-9052Jason’s the BIGGEST history buff, so he loved stopping to read all the historical markers along the way. This is a great place to go if your looking to get active and learn a bit about the Civil War.

Bristow Battlefield-6Our mini adventure was a breeze and we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day to take in the beautiful scenery. Maybe next time we’ll tackle a more rigorous trail.

See ya later!