A Few of My Favorite Things

WooHoo! Daylight savings time has finally arrived and I am loving all the extra sunlight. I’ve gotta admit, the hour change has had me kinda sleepy these last few days, but I’m finally adjusting.

Along with Daylight Savings this weekend, we had fantastic (kinda warmish) weather to tote around in. It was great not having to bundle up in so many layers just to walk out the door, so we took advantage and spent most of Saturday hanging around town.


enter blurry camera phone pic.

When dinner rolled around we decided to head over to Bahama Breeze for a bit of island style deliciousness. This is our #1 restaurant to visit when were are at Jason’s Moms house in PA. So when a location opened up  in Woodbridge, Virginia we were kinda excited. The hour long wait proved everyone else had the same idea!

My Favorite Things

I’ve been planning this post for we’ll over a month now, but procrastination got the best of me. Everything on this list has become my go to favorite in one way or the other, and I couldn’t wait to share.

1. MetroMint Water: I found this water at Whole Foods a few weeks ago and was instantly hooked.  The energizing aroma and ‘spot on’ chocolate mint flavor can satisfy my sweet tooth just as easily as the real thing. My Amazon order just arrived today – gotta love Prime membership:)


2. Ezekiel Bread: I can’t even tell you how many times i’ve seen Ezekiel bread pictured on other blogs and never gave it a second look. I had also passed it in the freezer section of Wegmans over and over before deciding to fork out $3.99 for a loaf of the cinnamon raison …. then I went back for more. This stuff is delicious. My favorite is 7 Sprouted Grains.

3. Reusable Water Bottles: For someone who drinks a ton of water, reusable water bottles have really helped reduce the amount of plastic I use. I try to drink 60 ounces of water at minimum each day, so having a water bottle with me that I can refill really helps to keep me on track. I absolutely love my Tervis cups, especially since they’re good for both hot and cold drinks and never get condensation on the outside. Takeya has become another of my favorite brands for holding both water and fresh juice. They’re made of glass which prevents tastes and odors from fusing to the inside.


4. Estee Lauder Day Wear: I started using this moisturizer about a month ago and could tell within just a few days that it was working it’s magic. I noticed my skin was getting dry spots this winter and my makeup started to look like it was applied with sand paper. My skin is super sensitive so I did a lot of research before jumping into the purchase, but so far so good. Day Wear gives my skin a dose of hydration that feels super soft and rejuvenated from all the harsh weather we’ve had this season.

5. Nike Free 5.0: I just bought these last weekend when I decided I wanted a comfy pair of running shoes that I could also run errands in. I was looking for something flexible, light weight, and cute, and I found all of that in these shoes. I love how free my feet feel in them and the color drew me right in.


6. Clinique Chubby Sticks: Finally, a lip color that doesn’t look like i’m a child that got into my moms makeup cabinet. I really don’t like harsh or bold colors, so when I stumbled across Chubby Sticks I was in love. I have two colors: Chunky Cherry, and Curvy Candy. Both have a sheerness that gives me just the right amount of pop that i’ve always been looking for in a lip color. Plus, they’re moisturizing – win win!

Now i’m off to maybe do some laundry and get in a little reading before it get’s too late tonight. I just started reading City of Ashes, the second installment in the Immortal Instruments series. Loved the first one, but they are looong.  Have a good tight!!!



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