The Vitamix Has Landed

Happy Friday!

I figured I should recap last weekend before a new one gets here! Jason and I had a fun filled weekend full of Krispy Kreme and a visit to the Washington Auto Show. I’ve really been trying my best lately to watch my sugar and junk food intake, but how can I say no to Krispy Kreme? The closest location is about an hours drive from our house, so I figured I may as well take the opportunity to enjoy my favorite “Chocolate Iced Kreme filled” donut.Krispy Kreme-0476

Then it was off to the Auto Show where we walked around for nearly three hours admiring 100’s of cars. But, it was fairly packed when we got there, making it difficult to see into most cars.  Towards the end of the night we decided to do one last round and found the crowd had thinned out quite a bit making the whole “viewing” experience much better.

I was thoroughly hungry on our way home and knew I wouldn’t be up for cooking when it was already close to 10:00 p.m., so Jason and I opted for one of our road trip favorites – WAWA sandwiches! Anytime we embark on a long drive we stop here for sandwiches, drinks, and snacks to keep us satisfied for the trip.


Vitamix Professional 200

I can’t tell you how long i’ve been pinning over this blender. The Vitamix took the gold as my dream blender a long time ago, but it also came with a gold worthy price tag. Well, I finally took the plunge and bought a Vitamix Professional 200. And you know what… This thing is AMAZING!!! I knew this was basically the Ferrari of blenders, but didn’t realize just how nice it would be having one in my kitchen. I’m a huge smoothie fan, and the Vitamix powered through my concoctions in a fraction of the time it would have taken my old blender. Not to mention how much ‘smoother’ my smoothies actually are now. I also don’t have to stop midway through and shake the container to avoid traffic jams, because the Vitamix comes with a tamper to push food/ice into the blades.


I’ve mostly experimented with smoothies, but have also whipped up soup, ice cream, and hummus. And I must say, I was quite impressed when it ground my oatmeal into a fine flour for my “Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie” smoothie. The only not so great thing about this blender is the noise. When it’s turned onto the ‘high’ setting the noise is loud enough to leave me covering my ears. But I guess it’s expected when you’ve got 2 horse power and 240 mph blades going to work, right?


Thats about it this time, have a fantastic weekend.  My agenda has ‘sleeping in’ right at the top!


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