To Insanity and Beyond

I hope everyone had a spectacular Thanksgiving! I was up bright and early (ahem… 9:00 a.m.) to get cookin on Thanksgiving dinner. Jason and I stayed in town this year and had no complaints about gobbling down all of the days delicious food on our own. It would of course have been even better to spend the day with family, but our plans fell through last minute. We still had a wonderful long weekend, relaxing, and enjoying quality time together.

Turbie Twist-0317

Don’t mind the turbie twist, I had to fit in a shower somewhere in the day, right?

After my hair had been dried and the table was set, we sat down for a lovely feast. Turkey for Jason and a Gardien faux turkey for me:) This was my absolute favorite Thanksgiving spent with Jason yet.


Beachbody Insanity

Remember in my last post I mentioned giving the Beachbody Insanity program a try? We’ll we’ve been at it for a few weeks now, and let me tell ya… it’s not easy. Jason powers through and finishes up looking like he just climbed out of a hot tub – red and dripping with sweat. And I usually finish up about 15-20 minutes early, exhausted and ready to call it a night:(

It’s a tough program that was definitely out of my league when we started, which I kinda already expected. But, I’ve been doing what I can and taking breaks when needed. I don’t want to risk injury so I make sure to listen to my body. I think this has been so important when doing this program since i’m not anywhere near on par with the people in the videos. I mean really, they even get tired. Also, Jason and I get busy sometimes and have skipped a few days here and there, but we still feel that we’re improving. It’s all about our health and improving our fitness, and from day one we made sure to see it this way rather than a race to the finish.  Overall, day 60 may come a bit later than outlined in the program, but were in it for our own progress and development, and are willing to go at our own pace to get there.


Oh, and since there are fit tests every two weeks during the program, you can actually see your results on paper too! We did our second fit test last Monday and I was really surprised at how much easier everything had become. My results were approved across the board… progress!

Paired with a balanced diet and lots of water to stay hydrated, I have high hopes for Insanity. Just don’t expect many before and after pictures… we haven’t gotten around to taking them yet, and i’m just a little too bashful to plaster my ‘before’ bikini shots for all to see.

Healthy Diet Food-0901

Don’t let this fool you… I definitely reward myself with the occasional cupcake, or lately, chocolate dipped Oreos.

Well, thats that! I’ll make sure to make updates as we continue to go through the program.

Q&A: Has anyone else tried a specific workout program to reach fitness goals?

I had started doing P90X a few years ago, but didn’t have all the equipment (Pull up bars, weight sets, elastic bands, etc.) to do it correctly. I noticed an immediate difference in my strength and endurance after about two weeks of the starting, but fell off the wagon since I didn’t have said equipment. However, it seemed to be a great program that I would love to try again someday.


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