Weekly Roundup

Three day weekends are always a wonderful. Jason and I had our first date night in quite sometime, and got a lot done around the house! Win win.

Since Halloween has come and gone I am officially in Holiday mode. I’ve enjoyed two peppermint mocha latte’s at Starbucks this week, and they were delicious. But, aside from lots of homework for an online class i’m taking, and trying to get over my second cold this month, here’s what I’ve been up to this week.


A few weeks ago I ordered a ton of prints from Snapfish.com and they finally came this week. I took advantage of using a “100 prints for $1.00” coupon so I could start printing pics that span over the last three years. Jason and I have taken a ton of photos since we’ve been together. I finally decided I want to start putting together albums so I could preserve them somewhere other than my computer. I love looking through photo albums and I’m really excited to start creating a few of my own.


Receiving a package from Amazon is just like getting a care package from yourself! I won’t lie… even though I know exactly whats inside, I get excited when I find the package waiting on my door step. I started shopping on Amazon last year for Christmas, and it was probably the easiest way for me to get great deals and avoid the stress of holiday traffic. Theres been times when I’ve spent 45 minutes just trying to get out of a mall parking lot during the holiday shopping season. Not anymore, I joined Amazon Prime and never looked back.photo copy 5

This package had: A Bugs Life, two jars of PB2 (both chocolate and regular), Pretty Little Liars (Ruthless), and BloPro dry shampoo. I’m not sure how I like the dry shampoo yet but I’ll give an update after I use it a few times.

Clinique Chubby Sticks

I bought my first one about a month ago, but it was just a little too bright for me. I just got another color and love it! They glide on super smoothly and apply just the right amount of sheer color. These Chubby Sticks are perfect for me, with just the right amount of “pop”.

Thai Food

Jason had the urge to try Thai food for the first time, so we headed over to Thai Peppers for a great meal. I ordered the Pad Thai and was very pleased with my choice. I was expecting a run of the mill kinda dish, but what I got was just excellent. Probably the best Pad Thai i’ve ever had. photo

Pumpkin Pie Pancakes

Yum! Is there really anything else to say about em’? I whipped them up on a whim and the outcome was perfection. Paired with the maple cream cheese sauce I created to go with it and Jason and I were in breakfast heaven. They may not make the top 100 healthiest foods list, but they were so worth it.

I started with regular pancake mix, threw in some pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie spice, and egg white. Then I cooked them like any regular pancake. The sauce was mostly cream cheese and maple syrup whipped together with a bit of cream and spices. photo copy 4

So thats it in a nutshell. I’m off to get a few more chores done and tackle another round of homework. Oh and if you haven’t already noticed, Egg Nog  made it’s annual appearance a few weeks ago. Who else thinks that Nog is the perfect kick start to the holiday season?

photo copy 6


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