Welcoming Fall DIY Style

Fall has arrived, except for today because it’s 70 degrees outside and feels pretty warm.

I’ve accepted the fact that summer has officially ended and the long sunny days that I love will continue to get shorter and shorter. But lets look at the bright side… I do enjoy being able to put on a scarf and sip a pumpkin spice latte. Since its been getting dark earlier I’ve made more time for cleaning the house and even did a DIY project this weekend to officially kick off decorating our home for the season!

I stopped at Michaels and picked up a few stems of faux leaves, a grapevine wreath, and a few small decorations to add after the leaves were in place. Overall, I spent around $15.00 for everything. This project was a super easy and cheap way to add bit of fall color to our door.


Oops, I forgot to take pictures before starting. But here’s a picture from behind so you can see what the empty wreath looks like.

I cut the leave stems off of the bunch leaving about 3 inches of wire stem to secure into the wreath. I then placed the leaves in the wreath starting at the bottom working my way around, making sure the stems were all inserted in the same direction. There are a few places that need an extra stem of leaves, but overall it came out pretty darn good. The wreath is made of natural grape vine so it did shed a little bit when I was handling it. I kept the mess to a minimum by placing a drop cloth under it while I added all the decor. I secured it to the front door using a 3M hook that can easily be removed when were done with it.  I would have really liked to put it on the outside of our door, but i’m not sure if it’s weather proof and we’ve been getting a ton of rain lately.

Wreath II-0192

There you have it,  a quick and easy DIY project for Fall that doesn’t even require a hot glue gun. I’m definitely looking forward to doing more simple projects like this and even have a few in mind already.


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