A Day Trip To Gettysburg

Summer is winding down so i’ve been trying to soak up as much of this beautiful weather as possible while it lasts. I love Fall, but it’s also just a sour reminder that Winter is on its way. I’ve got a few busy weekends coming up, so Jason and I headed to Gettysburg to enjoy one of our last free weekends before a chill sets in.


The plan was to get up bright and early, but we both had no trouble sleeping in until 8:00 a.m.. Luckily, we were on the road by 9:00 a.m. and the drive went by super fast! Our first stop was breakfast before we getting our walk on. There is so much to see in Gettysburg, and its nice to be able to drive throughout the whole park, stop at different sites, and walk around at our own leisure. We had no trouble finding parking at the sites which gave us ample time to explore.

Gettysburg IIII-0075

Gettysburg III-0089

Gettysburg II-0061

We’ve been to Gettysburg a few times before, so we breezed through the park pretty fast and were soon ready to get on the road again. We had no idea we would be ready to leave so soon and quickly found another destination… Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. This was a double whammy for Jason since he loves history, and both of these places are jam packed with it.

Harpers Ferry III-0112

Bring your walking shoes because you may encounter a hill or two. There are tons of small shops and historical buildings to visit in Harpers Ferry. The local shops are mostly located towards the top part of the hill, while the historic buildings are near the bottom by the river.  The C&O canal also used to run beside the town and we got too see what it looks like today.

Harpers Ferry IIII-0116

Harpers Ferry IIIII-0141

Harpers Ferry Canal-0126

We had a great day but our favorite part was probably the walkway that was beside the train tracks that went over the river. We got to see two trains roll by during our stroll… and it was loud!

Harpers Ferry II-0136

We were both getting tired after such a long day and I couldn’t wait to get back into the car and relax on the car ride home. The trip home was just as scenic as the rest of the day had been and we had a great time spending a bit of time outdoors together. We lucked out with such beautiful sunny weather and were really glad it wasn’t a scorcher.


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