Run + Rain

It’s been a while since my last post, so why don’t I catch you up on the latest.

It’s been busy this past week and we had an even busier weekend. Jason and I are doing a mini bathroom renovation on our guest bath, which has been quite the project. We started last weekend, but didn’t see the info on the paint can that basically said it takes 7 days for the paint to fully set. Fast forward one week and we have painted cabinets, a new faucet, freshly painted walls, and lots of paint splatter on our floor.


Preview of the ‘before’

Aside from all the renovation tasks, I’ve also been doing a bit of eating (both sweet and healthy). Check out this wrap Jason made. It’s vegetarian and contains; chick peas, carrots, green onion, squash, zucchini, tzatziki sauce, and lemon juice. I tossed in a bit of hummus and a slice of provolone. It was fabulous. Oh, and just in case your wondering, those are bananas covered in unsweetened coconut, delicious!


And of course I couldn’t resist a few sweets.


Run + Rain

Tonight was supposed to be my return to running. I’ve taken the past month off due to a few reasons: rain, being ill, busy with work, etc. I’ve wanted to get back out there for a while now, but just haven’t made the time. Jason and I have gone on a few long brisk walks this week, but we were ready to turn our walking into running tonight.  IMG_2013

We left the house with intentions of doing a 4 mile run/walk sequence. Unfortunately, about 1/2 a mile into our workout, the rain started. We would have kept going but thunderstorms are expected to start soon:( It’s just a preference, but I’d rather not tempt getting hit by lightning. This whole rain thing has been a common occurrence lately during our runs. Better luck next time, otherwise I’m going to invest in a poncho.



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