Guess Who Got A Breville Juicer

Anyone remember how I mentioned wanting a juicer in my last post? I’ve had it on my list of “investments” for a long time and finally bought one.

Lets rewind so I can fill you in on the back story.

I remember being 10 years old, sitting in awe as I watched the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer infomercial. I was an infomercial freak and begged my mom to buy numerous TV scams products; Immersion blender, juicer, Nads hair remover. I’ve also secretly but desperately always wanted a thigh master.

My mom finally caved one day and bought Nads. I waited everyday for that box of edible green goop to arrive. My sister and Mom had also been waiting in anticipation, so we were beyond excited when it finally showed up. Then we tried it. Nads, the pain free hair removal wax, was actually extremely painful. We wondered how they could make it look so phenomenal on all those infomercials. This stuff was messy, painful, and so sticky we couldn’t even get the lid back on. It took up permanent residence under our bathroom sink where it stayed until the sugar crystalized. You’d think I learned my lesson for buying things I see on TV.

Wrong. Fat Chance. No way jose.


Yes, thats the X-Hose.

I’m still a sucker for As Seen On TV products. Some have been pretty awesome, but others have been complete duds. Here are a few of the honorable mentions:

  • Snuggie
  • Shake Weight
  • P90X
  • Touch Light
  • X-Hose
  • PedEgg

Anyway, I never lost my fascination with juicers. It’s amazing how you can put whole fruit into a machine and end up with fabulous juice.  It wasn’t until becoming a vegetarian that I started reading more about the benefits of juicing and how great it can make you feel.  Unfortunately, juicers are expensive. So it went onto my list of future “Investments” that I hope to someday own.

Last week I  watched the documentary “Fat Sick & Nearly Dead”, which really set into motion my search for a (budget savvy) juicer. I started researching the different types of juicers (Centrifugal and Masticating) and decided my ideal juicer would be masticating, but they are $$$$. The one I had my eye on was almost $400, YIKES! I needed to go the conservative, centrifugal route. Breville seemed to get the best reviews and lucky for me Bed Bath and Beyond sells them. I also had a 20% off coupon (duh, now I had to get one).


Directly after the first juice.

After a ton of reading I decided to buy the Breville Juice Fountain Pro, the same juicer used in “Fat Sick & Nearly Dead”. They also had a deal, buy any Breville juicer and get a free “Fat Sick & Nearly Dead” DVD. How strange is it that I just watched this and now I get a free copy for buying the juicer featured in the documentary? I bought the juicer, made a quick pit stop for fruit and veggies, then got to work making my first juice… and loved it.


The juicer retails for $150 and has done a great job so far. There have been a few fruits and veggies (kale, pear, peach) that don’t juice too well because of how fast the blade spins, but overall i’m not disappointed. I’ve created a few different concoctions using cucumber, celery, or broccoli as the base and am surprised at how delicious these are with a bit of lemon in the mix. I’ll put up a full review of the Breville Juice Fountain Pro after I’ve had a bit more time with it.

Q&A Time:

Have you ever bought anything from TV?

I have fallen victim to many, but I try to wait until they show up in stores before I buy them. The PedEgg is one of my favorites and worth every cent I paid for it.


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