Sweet Potato Spinach Salad

This week has been really hectic and i’m actually exhausted. Not only has it been a challenge to just get motivated to do mundane things around the house, I have dreaded making lunches and dinners too. Jason and I go grocery shopping every weekend to grab our weeks worth of lunch and dinner fixings.

We must have really done a lousy job shopping this week because we ended up with about two days worth of food. When Monday night dinner rolled around I was kinda out of ideas for what to make. I had a few sweet potatoes and a bag of fresh spinach in the refrigerator and thought maybe the two would go well together. I’m all about quick meals that don’t require a lot of ingredients, so choosing foods that I find naturally flavorful and delicious is key.

After a little brainstorming, I decided to make a Sweet Potato Spinach Salad.

Sweet Potato Spinach Salad-

Sweet Potato Spinach Salad:

2 Large Sweet Potatoes

1 Bag of Fresh Spinach (I use baby spinach)

1 TBS Brown Sugar

1 TBS Butter

Salt For Taste

A few splashes of Red Wine Vinegar

I started off by boiling the sweet potatoes. You want to make sure your potatoes are tender but not soggy, and firm but not hard as rock. I am still working on the exact science of boiled potatoes because mine came out a bit over done (AKA Soggy). photo copy 2

Next, I began cooking the spinach. I heated a small frying pan and threw in the spinach and butter. You will have a mountain of spinach at first, but give it some time to cook because it shrinks A LOT. You can see the cooked spinach just beneath some of the fresh spinach in the below picture. I used too small a pan so I had to keep adding spinach on top of the stuff that had already cooked down. photo copy 3

Once my spinach was cooked I added the brown sugar, a bit of salt, and red wine vinegar. I probably used about 10 splashes of the red wine vinegar and then let everything heat for another minute or so.

I finished up by draining the sweet potatoes, chopping them into large bite size chunks, and gently folding in the spinach mixture.

The end result was a delicious meal that Jason and I loved.  We will definitely be making this colorful dish again soon.  The Sweet Potato and Spinach Salad was a great way for us to eat our greens while adding another bright color into our diets. photo

Enjoy the rest of your day:)

Question of the day: How do you make sure to get enough colorful fruits and veggies into your diet?

Before my blender broke, I was making smoothies almost everyday. I loved incorporating tons of different fruit and then tossing in a few handfuls of spinach. The best part… you could barely taste the spinach. I have also been making a lot of fruit salads for breakfast (blueberries, banana, strawberry, plum, cherry, apple, and pineapple are all some of my fruit salad staples). As for veggies; tomato salad with onions and balsamic vinegar is pretty good on a hot summer day.


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