Man Eating Mosquitos, The Gallinipper

I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend. While Jason is spending time with a friend, I’m hanging out with his mom Kathy for the day.

I began my day with a fruit salad made of p”um, strawberries, and cherries. By the time I finished breakfast and took a shower it was about time to head out the door. Kathy and I made a trip over to her daughters consignment shop to hang out for a bit. “The Loft Consignment” was a pretty busy place and had a lot to browse through: clothing, furniture, housewares… you name it. It wasn’t long before I was put to work with the steamer;)


Actually, I offered to help since I’ve been really wanting to invest in a steamer. I hate ironing and always seem to have a massive amount of wrinkles in my work clothes. I think i’ll be making the purchase sometime soon now that I know how easy and functional a steamer really is.

We worked up quite the appetite and decided it was a good time to grab a slice of pizza at Wegmans. They offer a huge selection on pre-made food, and the pizza is delicious. It must be an italian kind of day because I’m about to enjoy homemade Eggplant Parmesan for dinner!


Now, onto these man eating mosquitos.


Check out the size of that scary sucker. I’m pretty certain it’s a Gallinipper, which is basically a monster sized mosquito. When Jason came home from work the other night I noticed a large black bug fly off his hat. Right when Jason started to poke fun at how fast I jumped back, the Gallinipper started to chase him. He wasted no time swatting it away, which then caused it to focus it’s fury on me.


 I’ve read a lot of stories this summer about the Gallinipper all over Florida, but never thought we would encounter one in Northern Virginia. Funny, we never saw one during our recent trip to Florida. Overall, I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of that mosquito bite. I guess I’ll be wearing my bug spray from now on.

Enjoy the rest of your night! I’m gonna wrap it up here and get back to a relaxing Saturday.


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