Florida Vacation

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July yesterday. Since it was a beautiful day, Jason and I tried our hand at fishing. We caught nothing:( After our failed attempt, we headed back home to clean and get ready for family to arrive on Saturday. We didn’t get out to see the Fireworks since we both work today and didn’t want to fight the traffic getting home. We did however go on a last minute run and I improved my run time by one whole minute! I think running mix I downloaded to my brand new iPod (Jason got me one for my birthday) kept me going.


But aside from all the excitement from 4th of July, Jason and I also had a really great 10 day vacation in Florida. We stayed in a few different places and enjoyed every second of the time we spent together.

Our first stop was Hollywood, Florida


We drove through the night and arrived at our hotel at around 4:00 p.m.. We had driven a long way, and were ready to settle in and find somewhere to eat. It didn’t take long for us to settle on the Taco Beach Shack. This place was the perfect kick off to our vacation… the outdoor atmosphere set the mood for a fun, laid back dinner. Our waiter was friendly and patient as we looked over the menu.


I settled on one of their fabulous burritos while Jason enjoyed the quesadillas. I actually took half home because it was so BIG!


We called it a night after our very filling dinner, and made sure we were well rested for a day on the beach.


Oh wait, just kidding… it rains like every hour in Florida. Luckily the rain we encountered only lasted a few minutes at a time, and we were on the beach in no time. We didn’t mind a few cloud bursts because it was extremely hot and muggy.



We even got in a quick walk on the beach at night. Perfectly romantic, but super dark. DSC01363-6Our time in Hollywood flew by and before we knew it we were headed to the Keys. The drive was a bit long, but there’s a lot to look at, and plenty of places to stop along the way. One of those stops was Bahia Honda park.



Seriously, how gorgeous is that? And who knew you didn’t have to leave the states to swim in crystal clear blue water. I had planned this stop weeks before we even left for vacation. You have to pay a small fee to enter the park, but once your there it’s so worth it. We only stayed for an hour or so since we still had aways to go before getting to Key West. Jason and I both agreed that Bahia Honda was the closest we’ve seen to how perfect the water was when we vacationed in Barbados a few years ago.

Here’s a picture of our Barbados trip for comparison. DSC00536

After Bahia Honda, we hit the road again so we could get to Key West and explore the town. We were shocked at exactly how hot it was when we got out of the car in Key West… I mean this heat was extreme. We checked into our room at The Douglas House and were really impressed with everything from the spacious room, to the tropical outdoor space.DSC_0480-1





We made a point to see one of the famed Key West sunsets, and stop by the Southernmost point in the US. We would have taken a picture with the buoy, but there was a long line every time we went to see it. The one time we were close, someone else ran up in front of us:(



Key West tempted me into craving something sweet, so Jason and I made reservations at a desert place called Better Than Sex. We were a bit shocked by the prices, but we also realized we were paying for an experience as well. All of the menu items have seductive names, but I can’t remember what ours were called. Jason ordered the red velvet cheesecake and I opted for the chocolate chip cookie desert, which was huge, warm, and delicious. . You could definitely share this thing, and Jason didn’t mind helping me finish every last crumb.


And what trip to the Keys would be complete without Key Lime Pie? I had actually never tried it before going to Key West and I quickly found I loved the pie at Kermits Key West Key Lime Shoppe. We brought a cooler on our trip, so I went back and bought a whole pie for us to feast on throughout the rest of our vacation.


Before I wrap up the first leg of our trip, probably one of the coolest experiences in the Keys was the coconut water! I searched, asked around, and finally found one… a real coconut, straw and all.

photo 2

Stay tuned for part II of our Florida vacation. There will be more beaches, alligators, and a dolphin named Winter.


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