Going Veg

Hey Everyone, today I’m blogging from my iPad. My entire post was lost when my iPad died a while ago, so here goes attempt number two.

I’ve been wanting to talk about my decision to transition to a vegetarian diet, so that’s what I’m going to do today!

A few months ago I did a modified fruit and veggie cleanse, and immediately noticed a huge difference in the way I felt. My energy had increased, and my digestive system was on cloud 9. On day two of my cleanse I was lounging on the couch flipping randomly through tv channels. I unexpectedly stopped on a channel that was showing a chicken with its head being cut off… Very gruesome and sad in my opinion:( Something about it struck a cord with me, and even after my cleanse ended I wasn’t able to eat meat. So I decided to embrace it, and “go veg” (again). Let me preface:

I was a vegetarian in high school for about two years, but stopped after catching a lot of flack from different family members, and friends.

Now that I’m an adult, I don’t care about what others think about my diet decisions and I don’t feel ashamed if I hear a negative comment about becoming a vegetarian. Furthermore, I don’t feel guilty when people consider me the one person they have to accommodate for if we’re doing something like ‘eating out’. Jason is fully supportive of my decision too, which is the only opinion that really mattered to me. He says as long as I’m happy and have a healthy diet, he doesn’t care what I eat.

I’ve found the transition fairly easy, and make sure everyone knows I can work around most menus if we’re going to be eating out. I have come across a few restaurants that don’t have any meatless options, but have worked around it by ordering a salad and having them leave off the meat. Most of the time they’ll give me the meat in a side dish… Which means one lucky person at our table gets an extra perk to their meal. Here’s an avocado and tomato sandwich from a recent outing.

At home I’ve been eating a lot of fruit and veggies. I’ve also found quite a few veggie alternatives: Gardenburger, Morningstar Farms, Quorn. These brands have pretty good meatless alternatives to things like burgers, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, etc. I love smoothies because you can jam pack them with nutrition and they still taste so good! I’ve also recently had a delicious vegetarian chili.

Overall, I don’t miss meat… I do occasionally wish ‘Chick Fil A’ would come out with a veggie chicken sandwich, but we can all dream right? I didn’t become a vegetarian solely to “save the animals” for lack of better words, but also because I just feel better eating a fruit and veggie filled diet, with lots of whole grains incorporated too. Still, don’t get me wrong! I love animals, I even remember being really little and my mom would have to tell me that meat came from animals that died from natural causes, because I wouldn’t touch it if I thought the animals were actually ‘killed’. I was a very gullible child.

Since making the transition, I’ve also toned back my dairy intake quite a bit, but I don’t think ill ever be able to become Vegan. Some of my favorite deserts wouldn’t be the same without dairy: chocolate, milkshakes, frozen yogurt! All too good to fully depart with, so I enjoy them in moderation.

Do any of you have a food that you would never be able to give up?
Mine is definitely milk chocolate turtles. You know, the nuts covered in caramel and chocolate. So good!


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