Overcoming the Desk Job Munchies

The week has just started and i’m sure we can all come up with tons of reason why we hate Mondays.  One of my reasons? I’m always so out of the swing of things from the weekend, that all I want to do is eat! I get bored just sitting around behind my desk, typing away… and then the thought of how food would make me less bored seems to linger throughout the day.

So yes, I will admit, I am a boredom eater:( I eat when i’m bored, and this is a habit I have struggled with forever. Its’ gotten worse though since I started working a desk job a few years ago. I’ve remained a normal weight/size, but have accumulated a few unwelcome pounds, especially over the past year and a half (more about that in the About Megan section). I mostly crave sweets, and would end up taking a midday walk to the vending machines. Snickers never seemed to disappoint… until I noticed my jeans were the things that had done the disappointing, and stopped fitting! I was definitely not overweight or fat, but was just kinda feeling ‘blah’.  So I needed to make a change.

A few months ago I decided to start bringing my lunches to work everyday, and work towards getting back on track. My energy was gone, my clothes were tight, and at the end of the day I sometimes felt sluggish and remorseful about the crap I had relied on to get me through the day (chocolate of any variety, individual cake slices from the grocery store, popcorn, etc.). So, here’s what has worked for me to overcome the desk job munchies:

  1. Get an awesome lunch box that your excited to pack full of good food everyday.
  2. Try packing your lunch at night. Mornings can be rushed enough even without having to worry about what you’ll bring for lunch. I put the non-refrigerated items in my lunchbox the night before, and then have all the cold stuff ready to grab from the fridge and pack right before I leave.
  3. Pack many small snacks to munch on throughout the day instead of one big meal.
  4. Drink water throughout the day. I’ve noticed staying hydrated has helped to prevent false hunger pangs.
  5. Try to get up and move around every so often. I have to consciously force myself to get up from my desk, even if it’s just for a few moments. It really helps me to feel re-energized and gives me the chance to stretch out a bit before sitting again. My eyes also appreciate the break!

Here’s my favorite lunchbox!


There’s some chocolate chips hiding in there somewhere. I like to mix them into my yogurt.

This is just a list of things that have helped me personally. I know some people whose trick is to only eat somewhere away from their desk (like a break room or cafeteria). So it is possible to overcome the desk job munchies. For me, it was all about structure and planning ahead.


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