Mothers Day Dinner at Bistro Romano

Hey Everyone,

This weekend, my boyfriend and I made the three hour trek to Pennsylvania so we could spend Mothers Day with his mom. We got there really late, by which time I think I was sufficiently starved, and stopped at WAWA for a quick dinner. Since we usually don’t have time to eat before getting on the road when we go to PA, we have made it a tradition to stop at WAWA every time we get into the town where his mom lives. I got a veggie sandwich and mac and cheese! I wish I could show you how good the mac and cheese looked, but I was so hungry I just couldn’t pause to look for the camera. Jason’s Mom is always waiting up to greet us when we arrive, along with Harvey the cat.

Bistro Romano-01266

The main event of this trip was Saturday night dinner. Jason wanted to take his mom out to a restaurant called Bistro Romano in Philadelphia. We opted to celebrate Mothers Day on Saturday night in hopes of avoiding the major crowds on Sunday.  Housed in a historic building, Bistro Romano has basement seating surrounded by stone walls, an exposed beam ceiling, and rustic but cozy seating. The restaurant not only had fantastic food, but the ambiance and atmosphere made for an even better experience. We were greeted with water and a complimentary one bite appetizer, followed by the full appetizers we ordered after a few minutes with our menus. Jason and his mom also decided to get an order of their Ceasar Salad, made table side as you watch. There was a bit left over, so I got to sample a small plate too.

Bistro Romano-01261

For my main course, I ordered the Formaggio Di Capra Tortellini (a goat cheese filled pasta), and it was just the right size for me. The tortellini was fresh and definitely homemade, and the vegetables that accompanied it were perfectly suited for the dish.

Bistro Romano-01262

After dinner, the waiter brought over a tray of desserts. I, being a bit excited to get to this part of the meal, thought to myself that he was giving us a huge dessert platter to share. Wrong (silly me, I know)… I quickly realized the tray was a presentation menu of the desserts we could choose from. Jason and I shared the cannoli, which was light, tasty, and had just the right crispiness to the shell. There weren’t any frills with this cannoli like I’ve seen at other restaurants, and thats just the way I like it. I prefer to enjoy the filling and crust, not get a mouth full of chocolate chips that have been stuffed inside.

The per person price can climb pretty fast, especially if you order drinks from the bar and top it off with desert, but the food is delicious. I would highly recommend reservations though if your planning on going!


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