Tanda Clear… Acne solution? And Vacation

It’s been a while, and I feel like i’ve been neglecting my little blog:(

I’ve been really busy and unfortunately have not had the time to post this past week. Between work, planning a vacation (I know, poor me right?), and trying to finish up the last few days of school, I have not had time to do anything blog related. As for the vacation, it’s taken quite a bit of work to figure out the logistics of it all, but I’m really excited that it’s almost finalized. Over the past week and a half we’ve gone through every idea possible. Let me list out a few:

1. Ireland, our top vacation choice but flights are pricey.

2. St. Lucia, too expensive for what we wanted in a vacation this year.

3. Bahamas, unless it’s all inclusive we would have starved. I hear a burger cost like half a pay check. Not really, but more around the $16-$20 mark.

4. Dominican Republic, cheap cheap cheap… but we just couldn’t fall in love with the idea of going.

And the winner is… FLORIDA! And the Florida Keys! This summer we’ll be taking an extended vacation to tour the southern parts of the state, and I can’t believe we’ve decided to drive. It will be a 1000+ mile adventure all the way to our first destination, Fort Lauderdale. Then we plan to head over to explore the keys and Everglades National Park for a few days before heading up towards Sanibel Island. I’ve always wanted to see an Alligator in the wild, so I figure this trip would provide the perfect opportunity. And Jason has always wanted to take an extremely long road trip, so I think he’s pretty we’ll content with our vacation choice also!

Now for my experience with the Tanda Clear.


I ordered the Tanda Clear through MyHabit.com because the site was offering it at a majorly discounted price (it originally costs $195). I have always struggled with at least 1-2 monthly breakouts on my chin and thought this product might solve my problem. I had never heard of Tanda, so I did a lot of reading before making the purchase. I read that it is basically just blue light that kills acne bacteria and can start clearing skin in as little as 24 hours. The box says it is FDA approved which made me feel a bit better about using it. It’s only for mild to moderate acne, and I fall into this category, so I figured I would go for it.



My order arrived within just a few days and I immediately opened the box and started charging it. The instructions said to first test the Tanda somewhere other than your face , like your forearm, and then wait 24 hours to ensure you won’t have any sort of reaction. I guess photosensitivity can be a problem with some people. But when I was reading through the rest of the manual I noticed a few scary warnings on the WARNING page. There were things like, don’t use if you have had a migraine in the last two years, and a warning about using it on a part of your neck due to the possibility of it effecting the thyroid.

Warnings aside, I decided after my 24 hour test area was normal I would try it on just one side of my chin. I had only one (1) minor pimple that I figured would be perfect to test the Tanda on. I also felt another one coming on and wanted to make sure to stop it in its tracks. Each treatment lasts three minutes, and the Tanda comes with small goggles to protect your eyes from the bright light. After my first treatment I wen’t on my way and didn’t really thing about it until that night. Heres what happened…

I noticed my face was starting to break out in the area where I had used the Tanda. I figured maybe it was my skin giving one last hurrah before clearing up. I committed to using the Tanda for three days, but immediately called it quits on the third day. By this time, the side of my chin I was using the Tanda on had broken out into a plethora of huge acne. I’ve always had fairly small, mild acne when I break out, and what I saw was not the norm for my skin. It’s been about four days since I’ve stopped using the Tanda Clear and I still have one giant mountain left that I’m working on getting rid of. I had such high hopes for this product:(

During my research, I did read that about 10% of blue light treatment users (i’m just assuming Tanda Clear falls into the blue light treatment category) will not see results. I’m not sure if that means some people may see an increase in acne, but I sure noticed a flare up. Overall, I think the product was convenient and easy to use. It would be easy to travel with, and for the short time I used it I never had a problem with the product holding a charge. I don’t doubt that Tanda Clear would be really helpful for a lot of people who deal with mild to moderate acne, but this was definitely not the solution for me.

I’ll check back in on Friday. Until then, have a good week!


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