Friday Traffic

Yes! It’s Friday, and I am so glad that there are two days ahead that I don’t have to drive 30 miles each way to work. My commute sucks either way, but this week was more brutal than others.


I sat in that this morning (don’t worry, the car was at a complete stop not going anywhere for a while). Stand still traffic is a common occurrence in the DC Metro area. Instead of trying to take short cuts (which usually ends up adding more time to my commute), I decided to stick to my normal route and it totally failed.

By noon I had pretty much run my phone battery down no nothing.


And now were under a tornado watch until 10:00 p.m.

Really, I’m just glad it’s Friday. Traffic and rain aside, I look forward to this night every week because I usually get to spend it cuddled up with my boyfriend, watching a movie.
Tomorrow i’ll be doing quite a bit of homework for school, then finishing up planting flowers in our garden. We revamped it last weekend, so ill have to share pics once its finalized… I just wish I remembered to take before and after pictures.

Have a fantastic night everyone!


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