Fit Tip Tuesday and the FitBit

Hello Everyone!

It’s Fit Tip Tuesday again, and I am really excited to tell you about a new gadget I’ve been using that really ties into todays post.

It’s this little guy, the FitBit Zip.


About a week and a half ago I got home from work and was super excited to find the package containing my FitBit had arrived! Forget about running to the bathroom because I’m too stubborn to take a bathroom break before leaving work, forget about putting my bags and shoes in their proper place, forget about getting the rest of the mail… I had to tear the box open as fast as I could and start using the FitBit right away.

Your probably wondering what this thing is, right? Well, it’s basically a pedometer but it does so much more. It not only tracks my steps, calories burned, distance travelled, and tells time… it also syncs wirelessly via bluetooth to my computer. The FitBit Zip can also sync to other devices but I don’t have the versions of the iPhone and iPad required (bummer). Your “dashboard” page of the website shows your daily and weekly stats, and puts everything into easy to read graphs. The small device is sold by FitBit and they also sell a few other similar products in addition to the Zip.

I bought the FitBit to help let me know how active I really am (or am not) on a daily basis. Working a desk job, I kinda knew I wasn’t reaching my maximum potential for physical activity and this device has been an eye opener. Not only has wearing it on a daily basis helped tell me many steps I’ve taken, it has also motivated me to walk more than I normally would during the work day.  I’ve been monitoring the counter closely since I’ve been wearing it to make sure it’s accurate, and so far it seems fairly right on target.

And this brings me to this weeks “Fit Tip Tuesday”: Take the extra step

I’be been trying to find ways to increase how far I walk instead of taking shortcuts everywhere I go. Walking to the mailbox, taking the elevator, and parking at the grocery store are all opportunities to challenge yourself to walk a few extra steps. If you live in a neighborhood, try taking a stroll around the block before getting the mail. Opt for the stairs instead of the elevator. I work six floors up and  know, if I ever get too tired, I can take the elevator the rest of the way up from any of the other floors. Lastly, instead of fighting for the closest parking spot, park a bit further from store entrances. With this last one, being female, I only do this during daylight hours and always park as close as possible to the store front at night (preferably  under one of the light poles) for my own safety.

Taking a few extra steps can really add up! Since challenging myself to walk more i’ve noticed a huge increase in my activity level.

*Disclaimer: I am not a medical, health, or fitness professional. My goal is to share my personal experiences and opinions of what has worked for my fitness goals and lifestyle. The content of YoungFabLife is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a medical professional. 


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