I’ve got a bottle full of sunshine

Actually it’s a bottle of bareMinerals “Faux Tan Body” self tanner. I’m 100% opposed to tanning beds, but am also 100% pale! Lately, i’ve been debating on weather to pay out the wazoo for professional spray tanning this summer, or try the DIY method. I figure, I’d better go the tan in a bottle route, because the weekly cost of a spray tan can really add up. But there were a few other reasons I chose to try DIY first…

  1. By applying it myself, I can control exactly where it doesn’t go. I want to avoid my face since I break out easily, and I would rather not advertise a huge orange mistake… should it come to that.
  2. Easy touch ups if you miss a spot, or accidentally wash some off.
  3. You can read each and every ingredient before deciding to slop it onto the largest organ of your body.
  4. You don’t have to inhale excess formula that you would get with a spray tan.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t do much research before buying this brand of self tanner. I really just love their products, and stumbled onto it when I was in one of their stores. At $26 a bottle, it is a bit more pricey than others, but I trust the quality that you get from BareMinerals.


When I was ready to try it, I exfoliated the heck out of my arms and legs… which is a very important step in self tanning, don’t skip this part! When I was ready to start the application, the first thing I noticed was the pleasant smell, followed by the extremely dark color (from the bronzer I think)… maybe gloves would have been a good idea? But I can’t complain too much. The girl at the register did say it would be best to apply it using cotton squares, or even the tanning glove sold at Sephora, which I will be buying asap. The bronzer is supposed to help you tell exactly where you’ve already applied the product, but I really didn’t notice a difference once the stuff was rubbed into my skin… So I crossed my fingers (after washing my now dark brown hands about five times of course) and hoped it was even!

Seriously though, wash your hands very well if you use them to apply the tanner. After a few hours I noticed my hands were turning a very slight brown. Nothing to terrible, but enough for me to notice for having washed them so much afterwards. This was also around the time I decided to read the ingredient list on the bottle. What I found kinda startled me. There’s a good handful of ingredients that I wasn’t so crazy about. I try to use products (and eat foods) with the least amount of artificial additives and ingredients that have possible negative side affects. If your ever curious, a good site can be found here, to learn more about the ingredients in your cosmetic products. But this aside, let me show you my results!





Not too bad right? I didn’t have streaks, and the color was surprisingly very subtle and natural. My toes, feet, and ankles are way too overdone… obviously. But, I’m super pale, so achieving anything but orange has always been a hurdle for me when using self tanners. However, this product had enough undesirable ingredients (in my opinion) to make me rethink buying another bottle. Next time I may try a more natural brand, like ChocolateSun or Levara. I haven’t had any experience with them yet, but they’re both on my list to order next!  Really though, if your not a stickler on the ingredient list like I am, BareMinerals “Faux Tan Body” is definitely a quality self tanner worth trying. You can find it at the BareMinerals website, along with a ton of other really great beauty products.

*Quick side note: I did start to notice a “typical self tanner” smell after a few hours. And it stuck around for quite a while, even after a few showers. But I use unscented all natural soap… which could have been the reason.                                                  *And: I attempted to use cotton squares to apply half of one leg and ended up with a few bare patches. Nothing too extreme, but i’m hoping the tanning glove, mentioned before, will be just as efficient as my hands. But really, i’m not an expert at self tanning, so it could be user error! Who knows.


4 thoughts on “I’ve got a bottle full of sunshine

  1. Hey Kristin,

    Thanks! The color is pretty subtle, isn’t it. It can be built up with additional applications, but ill work my way into that as I get more experienced.

  2. You mentioned you use a lot of all natural products, and I know this has nothing to do with your overall article, but I’ve just recently fallen completely in love with Lush Cosmetics, who uses all natural products, and has a ton of really awesome stuff. Also, your tan looks nice! And your feet don’t look bad! I can see a tiny bit too much on your ankles, but thats a quick fix with a cotton swab saturated with a mix of baking soda/lemon/water. Good luck!


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