Tipsy Teddies

I’m sure you’ve all heard of vodka soaked gummy bears? I’ve never tried them… not for lack of curiosity, more so lack of effort. It’s a two or more day process and I never really thought about getting all liquored up on gummy snacks two whole days in advance. Well’ I finally took the trip to the candy isle of the grocery store to get the gummy bears and start yet another food experiment. Little did I know there would be about 10 different varieties of gummies to choose from, and I came out with a shopping bag full of candy. Seriously, I go in the grocery store for one item and come out with all this…

Just to be clear: there are three protein bars, three bags of gummies, two bags of chocolate, and three bags of loose tea. This is a bad habit of mine:( I go in for one thing and come out with a cart full of bags. But, I did manage to settle on these gummy bears

They are like a miniature version of the regular gummy bears we all love, and I choose them for two reason.

  1. They are just so darn cute
  2. I was hoping the smaller size would take less time to absorb the alcohol (in retrospect, I don’t think was the case)

I also have a terribly hard time sticking to exact recipes. So I deviated and used vanilla rum instead of the traditional vodka that most people use. I made a fairly small batch just in case they are awful (would you really want to waste perfectly good alcohol?) and ended up in the garbage. I sealed both the gummy bears and rum in a  tupperware container, popped it in the fridge, and waited for the little guys to absorb all the good stuff.

About 16 hours later…  I had a bunch of slightly larger bears , and not enough rum.DSC_0675

Don’t make my mistake and skimp on this step. I had to go back and add another large splash to top them off. Also, they were nowhere near perfection after this short amount of time. I ate one and got a huge kick of pure spicy rum.  It wasn’t for another two days until they seemed to have soaked in about as much as they could. The final result was a bunch of large, really slippery , but actually decent tasting gummy bears. Since they were slippery, they were difficult to hold onto… and they do bounce! I have about 10 all over the floor to prove it. Surprisingly though, they didn’t taste at all like alcohol as I had expected. In fact, they tasted like really gelatinous (almost Jello-like) gummy bears with a kick!

To try it yourself:

  • Gummy bears. Or go crazy and try using gummy worms
  • A food safe container with a lid
  • Rum
  • A refrigerator, of course

Put the desired amount of gummies in a bowl and pour in enough rum to thoroughly submerge them.  Cover the bowl and put it in the refrigerator. Be sure to check them in 24 hours to ensure there is still enough alcohol in the bowl for them to absorb. Let them sit for another day or two, and enjoy!

*Tip: I poured out the left over alcohol before eating them, as this helps cut down on how slippery they are to handle.                                                                                              *Word of caution: Be careful eating them! I found the more slippery they were, the more difficult they were to chew. I learned this the hard way by having one launch down my throat WHOLE!  Not pleasant, but lesson learned.

My Verdict: I think this recipe is a keeper.


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